Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 - Faith - Family - Football

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Hello to all my new friends {and returning favorites} out there in cyber space! 2015 is finally here!!! While most folks are recuperating from New Years fun, my hubby and I are hanging out in the living room watching college football bowl games; and of course, rooting for the teams not in the favorites to win the SEC Championship. No Bama lovers in this house! Haha!

I have so much that I want to say with the beginning of this year, so much that I want to do! I have made it my personal journey to share some sort of inspiration with everyone each and every day. Now, this will not come in the forms of sermons or religious quotes - it will come from my heart. You see, I have been living my life and nothing more. Just waking up, fumbling through the day, then going to sleep at night without feeling like I have really accomplished anything. I want to be so much better than that. I want to have a bigger heart and be a better person for myself and my family. I know that's something that sounds so simple; but yet it is so hard to achieve.

With this year, I want to be the person that Pays It Forward more. I want to be a better friend. I want to keep moving in the {positive} position of paying my way out of debt. I want so much small stuff, but the most important things I want is to be a better mother and a better wife. I have so many flaws. I lose my temper so easily. I want all of these [negative] things to end. I believe it's possible - I just gotta have a little patience and a lot of Jesus. I think everyone needs those things at all times, but I know I need them more-so now than ever if I want to change my ways.

I guess it's easy to see that this year is going to have a lot in store for me. I'm ready to embrace what this world has to throw at me and give it right back! So, if you are the praying type - prayers would be much appreciated as I start this chapter in my life. I hope this journey will bring me new friends and tons and tons of memories. Let's do this together y'all!

Talk with everyone tomorrow!

With Love,


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